Manchester United Needs A Shake Up!

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As the English Premier League dwindles down for the 2022 season, fans are calling for a Manchester United shake up and rightfully so.

What is going with the EPL giants and what needs to happen? Let’s take a look.

The Shake Up Begins!

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Remember some time back, Manchester United fans, including myself were calling for Ole Out? So many of us bought into the thought that Ole’s inexperience managing a club this big was starting to show and that it was time for a tactician of a manager? And now, United still needs a shake up badly!

For starters, the club now has as an interim, one of the world’s most tactical coaches. Heavily recognized upon his arrival by coaches of top caliber like Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel. Yes, we are talking about Ralf Rangnick.

Even with Rangnick at the wheel, these players have shown at times their attitudes and boy has it been a reflection of what this season has been, ugly! So, even if Rangnick doesn’t get the permanent nod, there are some players that have got to go! Who are they?

Defense Replacements?

One major area where replacements have got to happen is certainly the defense.

First person that comes to mind is easily Harry Maguire. Now, I’ll be clear on this! Personally, he has not been my favorite signing since he came to the club. I didn’t even think he deserved the captain band but regardless, I stood behind him until I couldn’t anymore. Do I think that him getting booed at Wembley was necessary? NO! Do I think he’s the right captain for United, no not at all.

Maguire would need to be replaced and the Center-Back position would need reinforcements. While yes, Varane is still with the club, the Frenchman has sustained too many injuries thus far and makes it hard to replace someone of his caliber. Could United look towards someone like Jason Denayer from Lyon? What about Alessio Romagnoli from AC Milan?

The Shake Up Continues…

Another problem the next manager or Ralf Rangnick will have on their hands is, Lingard and Pogba both looking to leave United.

However, what are some options they should start exploring? Here are some.

Manchester United transfer news: Red Devils' target Renato Sanches has told Bayern Munich he wants to leave

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The first person that comes to mind is the 24 year old Portuguese from LOSC Lille, Renato Sanches.

Renato is a proven center-mid with tons of creativity and could be the sole piece that Bruno Fernandes and Jadon Sancho are missing in the attack. Should Erik Ten Hag be appointed permanently, this would be an excellent signing and one with a long future to offer.

Ruben Neves has also been heavily rumored with a move to Old Trafford.

Also, another name to keep in mind, Dani Ceballos. Yes, the 25 year old from Real Madrid has his contract up in 2023.

Could It Be The Coach?

Aside of the previously discussed, and the ever ongoing personality issue happening in the United locker room, a coach is no longer a valid excuse.

It’s impossible to think that after now 4 managerial changes since the Ferguson era, that the coach is the problem at this club. Let’s face it and be honest here for a second.

United had Van Gaal, Mourinho, Moyes, and Solskjaer. During Van Gaal era, there was at least an FA Cup trophy won.

With Mourinho, the club won the EFL Cup, the FA community shield and the UEFA Europa League in 2016-2017. However, Mourinho was basically kicked out of United because of a hostile locker room. Along came Solskjaer, which we all know how that went.

So frankly, enough of the excuses with coaching to be blamed. Players have got to be an issue here and simply, it’s time replace some old habits.

Lastly, A Striker Is Needed!

Under the Rangnick era, United has been playing a formation that brings a position for a possible false #9 in the lineup.

If you think about it, there’s really nothing Rangnick could do differently here. Ronaldo and Cavani have been dealing with injuries. Meanwhile, Rashford is completely out of form. So for the upcoming management, or maybe for Rangnick, a striker is a priority.

Some potential candidates are already brewing up! The likes of Robert Lewandowski have been linked to United as well as Paulo Dybala. However, who else?

Here’s a quick list!

  • Antony (Ajax) – Realistically, chances are that Erik Ten Hag will get appointed manager for United. With that said, there is no other coach that knows Antony’s potential better than Ten Hag himself. A move that would bring youth, talent and toughness to the position.
  • Alfredo Morelos (Rangers) – Another sneaky good opportunity here. The 25 year old Colombian has thrived in a tough and competitive league with Rangers. Already experienced in European competition and brings quickness back to the front of the lineup.
  • Luis Muriel (Atalanta) – It is quite possible that this year, we see either Muriel or Zapata depart Atalanta. Why not take a look at his direction? Low cost, low risk and an excellent value!

In conclusion…

An opportunity for a good shake up at Manchester United couldn’t arrive at a better time.

With the realistic possibility that United might not have any European action next year, a locker room revamp will be necessary. Especially, in setting up the future of the club and bring it back to its glory, much like what Xavi had to do with Barcelona.

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