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The Cleveland Browns pick the tight end David Njoku in the first round of the 2017 draft with an 29th overall pick. He comes in at 6ft 4, 242 pounds. During the Combine he ran a 4.64 40, and recorded a 37.5-inch vertical leap and an 11’1 broad jump. Clearly, Njoku is an imposing athlete, was he the tight end the Browns needed?

Njoku College Career.

Njoku decided to go to the University Of Miami over Colleges such as Ohio State, Temple and Boston.  A fun fact to learn he did start as a wide receiver before switching to a tight end during his college career.

He spent three years at the University of Miami where he had 64 receptions for 1,060 yard with 9 touchdowns. After the 2016 season he decided to forfeit his last two college years and enter the NFL draft.

He came into the draft at 20 years old and he was one of the highest rated prospects. He was ranked the third best tight end in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Being a first round pick comes with a lot of pressure could he stand up to that pressure?

Is Njoku The Tight End For The Browns?

The tight end room at the Browns is full with Austin Hopper, Harrison Bryant and David Njoku. The real question is who is the number one tight end?

When Njoku has the ball he is a threat to the opposing defence, he has astounding breakthrough speed being capable to use routine plays into huge gains. Njoku hands aren’t perfect but he can snatch the ball out the air and beat defenders. He is a huge threat.

In his rookie season he finished with 32 catches for 386 years with four touchdowns, it’s worth mentioning that this was the season the browns went 0-16. 2019 wasn’t to be his year as he was very injury-riddled and then was inactive for the rest of the season, people started to think is he worth being on the team or is it time to trade?

2020 was a hard year for him, put on the sidelines during the Kitchen era. That’s when he asked for a trade. This wasn’t helped by signing both Austin Hooper and Harrison Bryant. During the 2020 season 213 yards and two touchdowns on 19 catches. He saw just 29 targets on the season as well, making the most of every look he received. While the stats suggest a down season Njoku looked like the best tight end for me.

Going into the 2021 season it is time for Njoku to show the player he is and maybe even extend his contract. He is another player that wants to make Cleveland his long term home is this becoming a theme?

Closing Remarks.

David Njoku has had a very productive start to his career and there is no reason he cannot continue developing with the best yet to come. With the Browns taking his firth year option, this is his chance to prove he deserves a new contract.

My honest opinion, he deserves it. He’s a tight end player we need to keep hold off.  He’s not just a great player but also a great leader, that’s what the Browns need within their team.

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~Jen Hunt (@Jenhunt_ on Twitter)


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