Kevin McCarthy’s New Epic Flop Makes Him One Of The Worst Speakers In History

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Kevin McCarthy could be the worst Speaker of the House ever, as he is urging House Republicans to support a government funding plan, so 12 of them immediately opposed it.

CNN reported:

House Republicans continue to work behind closed doors on Capitol Hill on Wednesday as they try to find a plan that they can unite behind that will keep the government funded and avert a looming government shutdown.

McCarthy and his GOP leadership team have been trying to sell the House Republican Conference on unifying behind a plan to fund the government, brokered between the House Freedom Caucus and the more moderate Main Street Caucus over the weekend. But that proposed legislation encountered immediate opposition from more than a dozen far-right Republican lawmakers who wanted deeper spending cuts attached.

If McCarthy gets help from Democrats to pass a government spending bill, the MAGAs in his caucus will file a motion to vacate and oust him from the Speakership, but it is very telling that when McCarthy tries to rally support for a plan to keep the government open, a dozen or more House Republicans immediately come out against it.

Kevin McCarthy set himself up to be one of the worst Speakers in US history by giving away all of his power to get the gavel. He got the gavel, but now he has no ability to stop the out-of-control freight train that is a government shutdown from damaging the country.

Funding the government is the most basic job of the House, and Republicans have failed.

McCarthy can’t seem to accomplish the bare minimum of his job, which makes him one of the worst Speakers of the House in US history.

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