Kevin McCarthy To Betray America By Supporting Biden Impeachment

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The government could shut down at the end of the month, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is going to endorse an impeachment investigation against Biden.

Bloomberg reported:

Speaker Kevin McCarthy is set to endorse House Republicans’ plans to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, a House of Representatives official familiar with his plans said.

This week, McCarthy will tell colleagues that such an inquiry is the next logical step in their investigation of Biden and the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden, according to the person.

Kevin McCarthy is ignoring the advice of former House investigators who have told him to drop Biden impeachment and focus on issues that matter to the American people. President Biden has already established an impeachment war room and is ready to fight back. By all accounts, House Republicans do not have the necessary votes to impeach the President, so what is the point?

McCarthy sold his power to get the title of Speaker of the House. He is a Speaker in name only. The real power is with Donald Trump and his House MAGA acolytes. Kevin McCarthy is an empty suit. The moment that he tries to stand up to MAGA will face a motion to vacate and will lose his job.

Trump wants Biden’s impeachment. The failed former president is the force that is driving this move.

It is going to blow up in the faces of House Republicans and cost them the majority next year, but Donald Trump pulled the impeachment strings and Kevin McCarthy is dancing.

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