Kevin McCarthy Makes It Sound Like Biden Not Trump Is Involved In RICO

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Since Speaker Kevin McCarthy can’t defend Trump’s RICO indictment, he is going to spread lies about Joe Biden.

McCarthy said:

About the pay-to-play for the Bidens we didn’t know all of what transpired but what do we know now now having followed and pulled on the strings we now know that the Biden family created 20 shell companies when Joe Biden became vice president. We know that the Biden family got 16 of the 17 payments from Romania while he was still vice president. The president told us he had nothing to do with the Biden family’s workings but now we found out through the partner just last week that no he literally called in he had dinner and after the dinner. Biden family got a new Porsche they got 3.5 million wired to them so things seem to be happening here.

We also found out when President Biden told us that his family got no money from China. We n0w  know that yes they did get money from China. We now know that the FBI from one of their most prominent informants was warned that they were told a number of years ago that they had to bribe Joe Biden. So this just raises a lot of questions we now know that Attorney General Garland has said one thing in the investigation of Biden but the IRS whistleblower say something else happened so what we’re trying to find who lied and what are all the truths.


This is all BS. Kevin McCarthy knows that it is BS, and he never accuses Joe Biden of doing anything. McCarthy suggests that Biden took a bribe, but he never states that Biden took a bribe, or that he has any evidence that Biden took a bribe. Speaker McCarthy never accuses Biden of breaking the law or committing a high crime and misdemeanor.

Kevin McCarthy knows that there is no substance to what he is saying so he tries to attach Biden to it by saying the Bidens.

Speaker McCarthy’s response to Trump being indicted for running an organized crime ring is to strongly suggest that Biden was doing the same thing.

None of it is true. McCarthy knows that is not true, but this feeble distraction is all he has while Trump crashes and burns.

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