Kevin McCarthy Is Melting Down And Having Outbursts Behind Closed Doors

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Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is not ok. McCarthy has been described as melting down and having outbursts during meetings because can’t handpick the next Speaker of the House.

NBC News reported:

Two GOP lawmakers described McCarthy as having melted down in conference meetings today because, they said, he is losing his ability to handpick a new speaker. He had two “outbursts” behind closed doors today, the sources say, that were about his objections to quickly moving to a nominating vote for Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., the runner-up to Emmer, the lawmakers said.

“This isn’t how you elect a speaker!” McCarthy said in the room, a lawmaker said.

This has led to McCarthy’s new scheme to return to power which should be called Operation Jim Jordan:MAGA Human Shield.

Former Speaker McCarthy is floating the idea that he be returned to power with Jim Jordan as Assistant Speaker. McCarthy is trying to deflect the incoming from MAGA by standing behind Jim Jordan and hoping that the people who hate him and kicked him out of the speakership will forget he’s there.

McCarthy’s plan is being considered because House Republicans are admitting to reporters that they are desperate. It is unclear where a Speaker of the House who was kicked out of his job and the least popular Republican speaker nominee can win as a team, but Kevin McCarthy is looking for a way back into power, as he is definitely not fine with getting fired.

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