Kevin McCarthy And Jim Jordan Plot To Illegally Interfere In Trump’s Trial

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that Rep. Jim Jordan will attempt to illegally interfere in Trump’s trial by investigating the classified docs case.

McCarthy tweeted:

Many officials, from Secretary Hillary Clinton to then-Senator Joe Biden, handled classified info after their time in office & were never charged. Now Biden’s leading political opponent is indicted—a double standard that must be investigated. @Jim_Jordan & House Republicans will…

— Kevin McCarthy (@SpeakerMcCarthy) June 9, 2023

Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan were told each of the last two times that they tried this stunt that it is illegal for Congress to interfere with a criminal investigation or a trial, so unless Jim Jordan is going to investigate Hillary Clinton, there isn’t going to be much for Jordan and McCarthy to do unless they intend to break the law.

If Jordan goes violate the law by attempting to meddle in Trump’s trial, guess who would be investigating him?

The same Department of Justice that Jordan continues to claim has been weaponized.

Jordan has already attempted to meddle for Trump with Smith’s investigation.

House Republicans like Jordan and McCarthy are desperate. Donald Trump is their political meal ticket, and since Republicans only control the House, they are using the only bit of power that they have to try to spring the party’s likely presidential nominee from legal jeopardy.

What McCarthy is suggesting that Jordan do is illegal. 

Kevin McCarthy is trying to pull some smoke and mirrors to hide the reality that there is nothing he can do to save Trump.

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