Kamala Harris Blasts Weak Trump For Bowing Down To The Gun Lobby

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Vice President Kamala Harris reacted to the Supreme Court ruling that domestic abusers can be banned from owning guns by hammering Donald Trump.

Vice President Harris said:

This ruling leaves important domestic violence protections in place, but the fight to protect commonsense gun safety measures is not over. President Biden and I have passed the most significant gun safety legislation in nearly 30 years and our Administration has stopped nearly 30,000 firearms sales to convicted domestic abusers because we know preventing abusers from getting a gun saves lives. If Donald Trump returns to power, all of that progress would be at risk.

While President Biden and I stand up to the gun lobby, Donald Trump bows down. Trump has made clear he believes Americans should ‘get over’ gun violence, and we cannot allow him to roll back commonsense protections or appoint the next generation of Supreme Court justices. I have worked my entire career to protect women and children from domestic violence—from prosecuting abusers to supporting survivors. President Biden and I will never stop fighting for the rights of every American, including every survivor of domestic violence, to live free from the horror of gun violence. To continue that work, we must defeat Donald Trump in November.

This case is yet another reminder that some want to take our country back to a time when women were not treated as equal to men and were not allowed to vote—and husbands could subject their wives to physical violence without it being considered a crime. Trump is a threat to our freedoms and our safety, and we must defeat him in November.”

Trump consistently puts America last by bowing down to every sleazy special interest that will give him a dollar. The ex-president has already promised the NRA that he will allow them to do whatever they want. Trump has offered to sell US energy policy to the fossil fuel industry.

The Supreme Court made an obvious ruling today, but this is a court that thanks to Trump already broadened the Second Amendment, and put more American lives at risk.

Freedoms are on the ballot, which include the freedom not to get shot when you are at work, school, church, buying groceries, or trying to enjoy a night out.

The freedom to live your life safely is at risk if Trump returns to the White House.

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