Kaitlin Collins Lets Tommy Tuberville Soft Peddle White Nationalism

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Almost as troubling as Sen. Tommy Tuberville arguing that white nationalists aren’t racists was CNN’s Kaitlin Collins letting him skate on the question.


Transcript via CNN:

COLLINS: You said a White nationalist is an American. But a White nationalist is someone, who believes horrific things. You don’t — do you really think that’s someone who should be serving in the military?

TUBERVILLE: Well, that’s just a name that has been given.

COLLINS: It’s not. It’s a real —

TUBERVILLE: I mean, listen?

COLLINS: It’s a real definition. There’s real concerns about extremism.

TUBERVILLE: So, if you’re going to do away with most White people, in this country, out of the military, we got huge problems.

COLLINS: It’s not —

TUBERVILLE: We got huge problems, Kaitlan.

COLLINS: It’s not people, who are White. It’s White nationalists.

TUBERVILLE: That have a few probably different beliefs.

COLLINS: You see the distinction, right?

TUBERVILLE: That have different beliefs. Now, if racism is one of those beliefs? I’m totally against it. I am totally against racism.

COLLINS: But that is a White —

TUBERVILLE: But there’s a lot of people that believe in different things.

COLLINS: A White nationalist is racist, Senator.

TUBERVILLE: Well, that’s your opinion. That’s your opinion. But if it’s racism?

COLLINS: It’s not an opinion.

TUBERVILLE: If it’s racism? I’m totally against it. I am totally against any type of race — any type of racism. I don’t care what it’s in.

COLLINS: OK. Senator Tommy Tuberville, thank you, for your time, tonight.

Sen. Tuberville was drowning trying to explain how white nationalists are Americans not racists, and much as the nation witnessed with Collins during the infamous Donald Trump town hall, her pushback was limited and mild. Instead of thanking Tuberville for his time, Collins should have pushed him harder.

The corporate media thinks Kaitlin Collins is a great journalist, but the game that she and CNN are playing is obvious. Collins, who used to work in conservative media, goes soft on Republicans.

When a new show launches on cable news, the guest list for the first episode is a cue for potential viewers about the kind of program they will be watching. Collins featured Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Sen. Tuberville.

Collins seems to be going for some sort of Fox News lite, which should not appeal to anyone.

At a time when the country needs journalists to step and challenge extremism, Kaitlin Collins allowed Tommy Tuberville to soft-peddle white nationalism.

Corporate media journalism again failed to push back against dangerous extremism.

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