Jon Stewart Goes Off On The Media With A Classic Rant

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Jon Stewart showed how the corporate media has dropped the ball by pretending like reality doesn’t exist to coddle Republicans.

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Stewart played several clips of people in the media claiming that there are two realities in the country, and then he responded, “No! You are thinking of the multi-verse. We are all living in one reality! And it can be your job to — the news media’s job to litigate the parameters of said reality. What the courts do really well is look backwards and reconstruct the realities of what happened. The news media could do the same. But what they do instead is look forward and wildly speculate on the future.”

Stewart later added,  “You want to ask speculative questions that nobody can answer, we will create a show just for that. We’ll tighten it down to a half-hour and call it “No one [bleep] knows!” Put all the polls and horse race questions in there! Then, with the other 23-and-a-half hours in the day, the other seven days a week, you can present the evidence for our shared experience. Because court should be the option of last resort for our defined reality, not the only option for our defined reality. So listen up, media: We’ll give you a little gavel, and you can study all the evidence, no matter how tedious, and reach a conclusion, and then you can present those conclusions.”


The media acts like they have stumbled onto a magic formula that allows them to see both sides of reality, act like both realities are legitimate, and then shrug as they elevate a political party living in a fantasy land to be equal to a majority of the population.

The media has completely abandoned any pretense of being a fourth estate that holds power accountable. It is a corporate-owned estate that spends all of its time figuring out how to cater to both sides while maximizing profits. The media doesn’t care about reality. The big corporate owners are only concerned with stock prices and profits. The only way to return the media to its former mission is for news organizations to be treated like a public interest instead of corporate profit centers.

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