Jim Jordan Demands That Jack Smith Be Defunded As Part Of Keeping Government Open

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A microcosm of the mess that House Republicans have created was on display on Sunday when Rep. Jim Jordan said that the defunding of Jack Smith should be part of any CR to keep the government open.

Jordan said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Well, there’s been, there’s been a fight over the number. What level we’re actually going to fund at? Look, I want to reduce spending too. I know what the debt problem is. But in divided government, there’s been a number that’s agreed on to fund the government. And frankly, it’s less than the year before, which is, which is a huge step when you got divided when, when, when we control one-half of one-third of the government by five votes. And we’ve actually got to negotiate a number that’s less than Joe Biden and the Democrats spent last year. I think that’s a win. So let’s hold on that number if we can. There’s some, there’s some debate within our conference, and I get that, let’s hold on that number if we can. But let’s win the policies.

The other policy frankly, we should consider putting on these bills is the policy that says you can’t, you can’t fund the attack on your political opponent, which is exactly what Joe Biden is doing when he’s funding this Jack Smith operation going after his political opponent.


For a moment, Jim Jordan sounded kind of sane. What McCarthy and the non-pro-shutdown group have been advocating for is a short-term CR to fund the government at the numbers that were negotiated after House Republicans almost caused a national default.

Jordan then went off the rails by demanding that the threat of a government shutdown be used to protect Donald Trump from federal prosecution.

Senate Democrats and President Biden are never going to agree to defund Jack Smith in exchange for keeping the government open. Biden isn’t ‘funding’ Jack Smith’s investigations. Rep. Jordan (R-OH) knows better. Smith is funded through congressional appropriations to the Department of Justice.

It is nonsense to claim that Biden is funding the Special Counsel, but that is the sort of gibberish that Jim Jordan has to spread to keep his Trump protection cover story that the government has been weaponized afloat.

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