Jeana Miller and Mike Hays Launch New Marketing Services for Sales Growth

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Brilliant marketing strategies can scale any business from a start-up to a giant corporation. Among many things, it increases brand visibility and builds trust among target customers to generate important leads. Adunna Inc, a new-age digital marketing agency, is working on a similar line to help clients get leads who value their expertise. Jeana Miller, the president, and Mike Hays, the vice president at Adunna, are boosting businesses in line with their brand story.

Adunna Inc. is a marketing agency that specializes in lead generation. The agency helps businesses increase sales through quality lead generation strategies. Mike Hays and Jeana Miller believe that leads play a crucial role in business growth. Knowing what works and what does not is important; to put this in perspective, a 3 seconds screen time or a spam ad will be ineffective when generating leads. Most businesses splurge on marketing strategies but fail to generate the expected response because their brand message is not concise and often fails to convey its intent adequately. Vague messages end up valueless and counterproductive to business. So, getting the right message to the right audience is the key to increased leads and high lead conversion.

Jeana and Mike are Certified StoryBrand Guides helping businesses clarify their brand story. They design a comprehensible proven story framework that generates quality leads and boosts sales. Quality leads mean thirsty and interested audiences, which are easier to convert; therefore, Numerous quality leads mean higher conversion. The importance of having the right brand message for marketing and brand building cannot be overemphasized. Doing this correctly attracts the right audience and attention of people who are genuinely interested in the client’s offer. At Adunna, a business gets more than just lead generation; it gets a marketing plan that works 24 x 7 to consistently bring the brand under the positive limelight on social media and other digital platforms.

Businesses will have a clear insight into how to approach prospective clients or build a marketing plan—no more chasing customers or being dependent on others to get leads.

Adunna has a team of lead generation ninjas working consistently to create new and effective strategies for businesses. The team ensures that no clients face a flow of consistently bad leads. This is why Adunna has started an on-call consultation for a more personalized discussion with the client. Marketing with Adunna is all about quality service, from creating a marketing pitch to lead generation and then conversion, all to an end- experiencing visible growth in the business.

Generating quality leads with Adunna is super simple. All a client has to do is schedule a call on the company’s official website. After understanding all the needs and preferences of the client, the team at Adunna will customize a marketing plan with a wonderful brand story that matches the requirement. Afterwards, the plan will be implemented through different media outlets. Clients can choose between three packages: marketing message, lead generation, and rebranding. The range of services includes story building, lead generation set-up, Ad creation, building marketing sales funnels, copywriting, SEO, social media management, and more.

Jeana and Mike are changing the lead generation game for businesses with Adunna Inc. The agency looks forward to setting a marketing standard for businesses where they could only focus on growth and leave the lead generation and conversion part to the marketing experts.

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