Jake DeBrusk rescinds trade request, will remain a Bruin

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The Boston Bruins had a lot of questions coming into the off-season. So far, a few of them have been answered and answered quite positively, as well. Patrice Bergeron is coming back on a one year contract. The Bruins went out and hired Jim Montgomery to be their next head coach, which a lot of people are happy about. And now? Jake DeBrusk is rescinding his trade request to remain with the Bruins. This is a very, VERY good sign of things to come if you are a Bruins fan.

Jake DeBrusk gives the Bruins a young scorer

We know very well that Jake DeBrusk can be an impact player. He is so talented on the second line, and can even step in on the first line when needed. Especially with Brad Marchand out, DeBrusk will have a golden opportunity to play a lot of first line with Bergeron and David Pastrnak. We’ve seen what Jake DeBrusk can do in the playoffs. Now, the Bruins have at least one young scorer back in the fold.

Did Bruce Cassidy leaving have anything to do with DeBrusk’s decision?

It very well could have. Bruce Cassidy had a reputation as a coach that was extremely hard on his young players. Then all of a sudden, a new coach comes in and DeBrusk decides he wants to stay? A little suspicious if you ask me! Maybe he realized his trade value wasn’t where he thought it would be initially? Who knows. Bottom line, Jim Montgomery now has a motivated Jake DeBrusk ready to go for the 2022-2023 season.

In Conclusion

This is a huge win for the Boston Bruins. With a lot of injuries and a new head coach in the fold, it is nice to have a familiar face on the first/second line. Maybe we’ll see a new side of Jake DeBrusk this season that we didn’t see last season. Hopefully, the Bruins off-season will continue to give fans good news!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: masslive.com

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