Jacob DeGrom is Injured… Again

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This one hurts. Not just as a Mets fan, but as a baseball fan. Jacob DeGrom is injured… again. The game is at its best when its best players are healthy and playing. Despite only pitching in two games (and Spring Training games at that) since July, DeGrom has somehow injured his shoulder. The team announced that DeGrom has a stress reaction that will force him to be shut down for a minimum of four weeks.

Jacob deGrom underwent an MRI today that revealed a stress reaction on his scapula that has caused inflammation in the area. The immediate prescription is for Jake to discontinue throwing for up to 4 weeks and then reimage the area. At that time, we’ll update the plan of care.

— New York Mets (@Mets) April 1, 2022

If you notice the time stamp, Mets fans were hoping this was all a cruel April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately, for Mets fans and the game of baseball, it is real and the best pitcher in baseball is out for an extended time once again. After missing the entirety of the second half last season, DeGrom and fans alike were itching to get him back on the mound. With this news however, we are looking at early June at the earliest for DeGrom to pitch in a regular season game.

Mounting Issues

Like I mentioned above, Jacob DeGrom suffered an injury that kept him out of the entire second half of last season. DeGrom was putting up historic numbers last season before he was shut down. His ERA sat at 0.62 through his first 9 starts last season. The previous record for lowest ERA through the first 9 starts of a season was 1.19 by Pedro Martinez. He was on pace for perhaps the greatest single season for a pitcher in MLB history.

DeGrom came off the mound on July 7th and would not pitch again that season. Apparently, he had been dealing with right forearm issues that would cost him and perhaps the Mets their season. With a new contract on the line, DeGrom finds himself once again in a not great situation.

Next Payday

Brodie Van Wagenen did not do many great things as Mets general manager. However, his best move by far was inking DeGrom to a very team friendly contract before the 2019 season with an opt-out after the 2022 season. Based on his performance, DeGrom was in for a massive new contract. However, with the most recent injury news, is opting out even worth it for DeGrom? According to Anthony DiComo, DeGrom still plans on opting out despite his injury. He will be 34 by the time the season is over. Baseball history has taught us to not give out large contracts to aging pitchers, especially ones with an injury history like DeGrom’s.

Brodie Van Wagenen's best move as Mets GM was Jacob DeGrom's contract

Final Thoughts

Jacob DeGrom is very frustrating. He is the best pitcher in baseball but can’t stay healthy. Part of me wonders how this happens when he’s pitched in two games since July. Does he throw too hard? I have no idea to the answers to these questions but what I do know is that baseball is better when DeGrom is healthy.

DeGrom was scheduled to start opening day, but obviously that is now out of the question. Good thing the Mets signed Max Scherzer, right? Well, the star free agent is now dealing with a hamstring issue that may prevent him from starting opening day. Opening day for the Mets could be a bullpen game…. We spent all offseason hyping up DeGrom and Scherzer and now opening day may be just thrown together. Injuries are a part of the game, but they still suck. Baseball is at its best with its stars on the field, but for now it will have to do without its best pitcher.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

Featured image courtesy of ClutchPoints.

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