How A British Girl Got Into An American Sport.

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When you think about the NFL, you know it as THE American sport,  you don’t think that many people from across the globe get up at the crack at dawn to watch this sport but there is. From Australia to the UK and even Mexico, this sport is growing at a rapid pace.

How Exactly Is The NFL Growing Worldwide?

In 2005 , the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers played in Mexico City at Estadio Azteca to a sell out crowd of over 100,000 NFL fans and this soon made the NFL realise that this sport is more than just an American sport, it was growing globally.

Since 2007 there have over 20 games played in the UK and Mexico and soon to be Germany this year! The most popular international games has to be London with tickets selling out in minutes with over 80K UK NFL fans turing up to Wembley on a yearly basis, this number would only grow when Tottenham Hotspur football club signed a deal with the NFL to play “multiple” games and have the state of the art NFL pitch under their own football pitch. This would bring more than 150,000 UK NFL fans to both Wembley and Spurs to watch a sport they love.

So it’s not really a shock that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell highly interested in putting a team into another country. Could this be London and even the Jaguars?

Bringing a team over has it’s benefits such as more European games in London as currently we only get 2 or 3 a year and I personally don’t think that is enough for the demand but there is also the downfall, if a team was to move over here full time I feel it would lose it’s “spark” and as much as we want a team over here full time, there is somewhat of a buzz when we have the three games and guessing which teams we will see this year.

In my own opinion I would just like to see more games not just in London but other parts of Europe,. This is more profitable.

So How Exactly Did I Get Into The NFL?

As much as the NFL is expanding you don’t really see a lot of UK NFL fans around, maybe it’s because of the time difference ( it’s a killer for sure) but also the fact we watch most of the season online and if we’re lucky one game a year.

The SuperBowl is one of the biggest events in sports and I ended up sitting down with my partner and watching it once and having no idea what was going on but hooked from the first minute.

Finding a team to follow was the next challenge so obviously I went with my boyfriends team the New York Giants and you guessed it my favourite player was OBJ, I loved the way he played and how he could catch the ball one handed was phenomenal. So when he was traded to the Cleveland Browns in 2019 I also moved with him.

Throughout the past three years supporting the Browns it’s been up and down with joys and sadness and also frustration when everything that happened with OBJ happened. This team and the fans have become a huge part of my life and I have made friends for life.

One player doesn’t make a team and even though everything that went down with OBJ, I will always be his fan but I won’t be moving teams again, even if I’m not from Cleveland I definitely feel some sort of Cleveland Blood running through me and one day I’ll get to the First Energy stadium and finally meet my Browns friends in person.  The Browns will always be my team through the ups and downs and all the drama.  I can’t wait to get myself to Cleveland, I’ll never want to go home right?

What are your opinions on the NFL expanding outside of America?

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