Hidden Hardcore Gem: Bridge to Disappointment III at Deep Cuts

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Deep Cuts rallied the troops, bringing together the local bands for a night of chaos and intensity. Four incredible local bands played their hearts out for an eager crowd, showcasing what the community has to offer. Deep Cuts is a cozy venue, with ample room to socialize by the bar despite its smaller size. Everyone, from newbies to obvious scene vets, hung out as the show was getting ready to start. Despite the bands being relatively unknown, they converted many audience members into devout followers.

People involved in the event were eager to speak about their community and the events they were able to put together. “Bridge to Disappointment” is a series of shows by The Bridge Sound and Stage and Constant Disappointment Records (CDR), with this show being the third and final installment. With help from Deep Cuts, The Bridge, and CDR, many local artists were given a space to perform and showcase their talent.

The music was muffled and distant by the bar, which was misleading. The stage was in a separate room, behind double doors that felt like a cage holding in the show’s chaos. The area is not too big, but enough for a decent-sized pit (and ample room to take cover). As the lights dimmed, the atmosphere changed, and the anticipation became palpable. 

BILLY at Deep Cuts, Friday, March 15 (courtesy Ben Stas/noise floor).

Hardcore punk band BILLY began the show with a boom, tearing up the room with banger after banger. Each song began intense bouts of moshing, filling fans with fervor as they stomped, punched, and kicked their way through the room. The older attendees got a kick from watching the younger punks fly across the pit.


After their set, Psychic Weight continued the mayhem. Heavy and grimy, their set shook the foundations, sending the audience reeling. The screamed, chant-like vocals and fast-paced riffs made it impossible not to bob your head. At one point, a girl, overwhelmed by the moshing, ended up on the floor. Kind concertgoers acted quickly, surrounding her to shield her from further blows. After the song, the band also turned the lights on to check on her, making sure their community member was okay before continuing.

The Path​/​Psychic Weight: Fight Death by Psychic Weight

The Freqs at Deep Cuts, Friday, March 15 (courtesy Ben Stas/noise floor).

The Freqs, a Salem-based band, was one of the night’s highlights. They shredded through their set, dishing out their raw and gritty sound to the audience, who ate it up. The band joked with the crowd between sets, who laughed while trying to catch their breath before the next onslaught.

Poachers by The Freqs

Miracle Blood kept it lighthearted, conversing with the crowd while restringing their guitar mid-show. They closed out the night with new, unreleased songs. They performed their recently released “Lobotomizer”, which is a much more intense experience live. The gothic vocals rocked the crowd, who headbanged through the fluctuating rhythm.

The show was electric, leaving those who missed the two previous shows with severe FOMO. The local scene is more than alive; it is thriving. Bridge to Disappointment is a shining example of what a community can do when it comes together to support each other. Gems like these are hard to come by.

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