Flour Bakery + Cafe

There’s nothing wrong with a mini Twix or a snack-sized Snickers but if you’re going for a more homemade vibe this Halloween, look to your friends at Flour Bakery + Cafe. Cookbook author and award-winning baker Joanne Chang and her team have put together a mini menu of creepy-yet-super-cute baked goods for pre-order and local pick-up. Stock up and bring meringue monsters, bat oreos or rice krispie trick-or-treats to that Halloween party (no one likes to show up empty handed) or get some goodies to brighten up your work day (whether you’re working from home or heading into the office). There are cakes and cupcakes and even a baking kit for the aforementioned bat oreos which you can ship anywhere within the continental US. Consult the holiday landing page on the Flour website for details and deadlines but get a move on so you don’t miss these spooky and delicious (and also adorable) sweets.

Scope out all sorts of spooky and delicious ways to celebrate Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.

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