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As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to dive into that gift list. Choosing the ideal present can feel like a challenge, especially amidst the year-end hustle and bustle. But fear not, because your trusty Tastemaker pals are here to the rescue with fantastic suggestions for every food enthusiast in your life. Whether you’re seeking a gift for a New England locavore or a friend who’s always on the hunt for the latest culinary hotspot, keep these options in your back pocket for some truly remarkable gift ideas.

Five local Tastemakers — @sistersnacking, @hangry_tummy, @mass_meatlessfinds, @kw_bites, and @adventurous_erin — share their perfect holiday gifts for the foodies in their lives (so you can get them for the foodies in your life), with everything from drool-worthy cookies to specialized culinary classes. Check out all of the options below and surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift.

Sara Shapiro (@sistersnacking):

I love gifting the Great Jones Dutch Oven. This is my favorite tool in the kitchen. It’s perfect for soups, stews, and sauces. A good Dutch oven lasts forever and is super versatile.

Aditya Gidh and Leandra Menezes (@hangry_tummy):

One of our favorite gift ideas is Platterful: A Charcuterie All-in-One Kit. It includes everything needed for a delightful charcuterie board, neatly packaged in one kit. It’s ideal for celebrating with family and friends, intimate gatherings, celebrations, or even cozy nights.

We also love the idea of a gift certificate to Off the Beaten Path Food Tours or a class at Cambridge Culinary Institute.

Neha Khanna and Brandon Woo (@kw_bites):

Who wouldn’t love a Boston food tour or chocolate tour? What better gift than spending quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s a significant other, a family member, or a friend, a local food tour is the perfect gift to give a foodie. Secret Food Tours offers a unique and immersive experience while creating lasting memories together. It allows the foodie to explore the vibrant food scene of Boston, discover hidden culinary gems, and indulge in a variety of delicious dishes. Other ideas include a charcuterie-making class at The Dirty Italian, a cocktail-making class at Koy Boston, or a box of delicious stuffed cookies from The Half Cookie.

Erin Kelley (@adventurous__erin):

This year’s best gift for foodies is a portable light. I use a Lume Cube and I love it. It helps to make photos and videos so much more clear! In restaurants with lower lighting, having your own light is a must.


I think there are so many great gifts for foodies! You can never go wrong with a new kitchen gadget, such as the viral Ninja Creami that was released this year. I think this is a great gift because it allows you to turn just about anything into a frozen treat at the click of a button!

Another fun and interactive gift would be a cooking class at Self Up.. It’s always fun to learn new skills and try new foods with friends! A sentimental cheeseboard from locally owned small business Dainty Scripts is another must-have. Her beautiful custom-made cheeseboards are always a hit and perfect for both serving and decoration. And you can never go wrong with any salts or seasonings from Duxbury’s own Saltery. It’s perfect for the foodie who loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

Editor’s note: Curious about what other influencers are eating (and drinking) around town? Check out the Meet the Tastemakers series to hear the stories of those contributing to the conversation on Boston’s food scene.

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