Golden Knights, Three Weeks Away From Playoffs

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Injuries that returned to the lineup this week:
  1. Robin Lehner and Keegan Kolesar returned against the Canucks (VAN) on April 3rd.
  2. Max Pacioretty returned against the Coyotes (ARI) on April 9th.
This week’s summary

Playoffs are a few games away now and Golden Knights can not afford to lose any more. On April 3rd, with a lead of 2-1, Alec Martinez accidentally tied against VGK and was credited to Bo Horvat (VAN).

GOAL. Knights win the draw and Martinez deflects the puck past Lehner. Canucks score without touching the puck.

Knights hurt themselves with penalties.

10:18 left 3rd: VGK 2, VAN 2

— David Schoen 🗞🏒 (@DavidSchoenLVRJ) April 4, 2022

Even though this time it might have seemed as if VGK was going to lose, they ended up going into over time and winning. VGK ended up getting their two points, but it did give an extra point to VAN. A point that was the effect of an accident.

(Side note: before this game begun, VAN had played 69 games and had 73 points.)

The worst thing that can happen now is VGK losing. On April 6th against VAN, the game begun with Jack Eichel scoring in the first period at 7:58, but that was the only score for VGK that game. VGK took a loss of 5-1.

(Side note: VAN went on to win their next two games against ARI and the Sharks)

On April 9th, as expected, VGK won 6-1 against ARI which helped gain an extra two points.

Is there still hope for VGK?

Going back to the side notes from earlier, the wild card spot is now being fought for almost side by side by DAL, VGK, and VAN. For instance, DAL has an advantage at knowing they still have two more games before they catch up with VGK & VAN. Not only that, but a week ago, VAN had 73 points and only one game behind VGK. This week, VAN is only four points away with the same amount of games played as VGK.

The most important factor is still DAL needing to lose. Sure they have the same amount of points as VGK, but anything is possible when they’ve yet to catch up with the amount of games they have played. If DAL and VAN lose their next few games, and VGK keeps making points and winning, there is hope for a playoff spot.


(Featured image credits to @hangukingan, who attended VGK v VAN on April 3rd.)


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