Georgia Bombshell Proves That Trump Plotted Crimes Against America

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One of the most damning pieces of the Trump Georgia indictment is that prosecutors have evidence that Trump cooked up his claim that the election was stolen days before election day.

Via: page 20 of the indictment:

Act 1.

On or about the 4th day of November 2020, DONALD JOHN TRUMP made a nationally televised speech falsely declaring victory in the 2020 presidential election. Approximately four days earlier, on or about October 31, 2020, DONALD JOHN TRUMP discussed a draft speech with unindicted co-conspirator Individual l, whose identity is known the Grand Jury, that falsely declared victory and falsely claimed voter fraud. The speech was an overt act in furtherance ofthe conspiracy.

Trump was planning on claiming that the election was stolen because he knew that he was going to lose. The evidence that he was planning to claim the election was stolen before people were done voting destroys the idea that Trump really believes that the election was stolen. Donald Trump planned to steal the election before the votes were counted.

How could Trump that there was voter fraud before people had voted?

The answer is that unless Trump won, he was going to declare that the election was stolen.

Trump wasn’t responding to fraud. He was committing it.

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