George Santos Sent Jamie Raskin A Letter And It Did Not Go Well

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George Santos sent Jamie Raskin a letter of appreciation for voting no on his expulsion. Raskin returned the letter with a handwritten note telling him to proofread it and that it is not shameful to resign.

The letter with Raskin’s markup:

Today I learned Jamie Raskin is not only a member of Congress and constitutional law scholar, but also a grammarian, as evidenced by his markup of a “Dear Colleague” from George Santos. Ouch.

— Lisa Rubin (@lawofruby) November 3, 2023

Raskin handwrote a note on the Santos letter and sent it back to the New York Congressman.

The note said, “Dear Congressman Santos, I appreciate your note and only wish someone would have proofread it first. Meantime, you should apologize to the people of New York for all of your lies and deceit. I know you must have thought you could get away with it in the party of Trump, but the truth is resilient.

Raskin explained that he voted no on expelling Santos as a constitutional matter because Rep. Santos hasn’t been convicted of anything yet and the Ethics Committee hasn’t issued its final report. Raskin believes that expulsion should not happen right now, strictly as a constitutional matter.

George Santos really does come straight from the Trump school. The Trump administration was infamous for sending out statements that had not been reviewed and proofread. Rep. Raskin was likely right. Santos thought that he could get away with it, but he was very wrong.

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