For Bruins fans, all eyes should be on David Pastrnak

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some flashy dance moves showing up on social media this week. For the Bruins, the NHL entry draft is complete. The next big dance is the NHL Free Agency, which starts on July 13th. The significance of this free agency cannot be understated for the Bruins this year. Free agents aside, it marks the first day they can begin extension talks with Pastrnak and his agent J.P Barry. Bruins general manager Don Sweeney reportedly met with Barry in Montreal to discuss the contract extension.

Pastrnak and the Bruins

Pastrnak is entering the last year of his six-year contract that has an annual cap hit of $6.67 million. A deal which, at the time, was considered a bargain. Pastrnak is certainly due for a raise; however, this Bruins fan remains hopeful that it will be a considerable team-friendly deal again. If there is one thing Don Sweeney deserves credit for, it is getting his players signed under good contracts. Pastrnak has also gone on record before stating that it is not all about the money for him.

Will the Bruins consider moving Pastrnak?

The Bruins have nine contracts set to expire at the end of this coming season, Pastrnak’s included. They certainly have the wiggle room to get this contract extension done and it would be wise to do so. Pastrnak has become a top NHL personality. Between the fashion presence to the upbeat personality on social media and in interviews, Pasta has become a fan favorite in Boston. Oh, and he also scores a lot of goals, which even the most fair-weather fans tend to appreciate. The question remains though, is the desire there from Pastrnak to remain in Boston?

(Image Source: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

-Josh Croteau (@_jcro on Twitter)

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