Facing Potential Prison Time, Trump Loses It Over Polls

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Trump has convinced himself that he is winning the 2024 election, and he thinks Fox News is intentionally picking polls that show him losing to Biden.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

The Quinnipiac Poll FoxNews keeps showing on “TRUMP” vs. Biden is not just an old Poll, it is a BAD Poll. It under samples Republicans by 10 points, which means, instead of being down 4 points, I am up 6 points. Other Polls show me much higher than that, but FoxNews will always attempt, as they did in 2016, to only show negatives on MAGA & TRUMP. We’re winning BIG, they don’t like it, the RINOS don’t like it, the Democrats don’t like it but, most of all, the Marxists & Communists don’t like it!

Donald Trump now thinks that he is a polling expert. The Quinnipiac University Poll doesn’t undersample Republicans. The polls that Trump likes to cite that show him winning are partisan polls, internet polls, and polls that are generally dubious in their accuracy.

Objective polls show Biden leading Trump.

The former president is facing the possibility of federal prison, so he is looking for comfort where he can get it, but Fox News does not pick polls that are bad for Trump to showcase.

Trump is ominously laying the groundwork to claim that the 2024 election was stolen from him.

The now-one-term former president made the same claims of being up by a lot in 2020. Trump is running the exact same playbook as 2020, so if he loses, expect him to say that the election was stolen and attempt to delegitimize the results or resort to violence.

Donald Trump’s literal get-out-of-jail-free card is a return to the presidency, and the nation should be prepared for him to try anything to get there.

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