Eric Swalwell Devastatingly Takes Down Kevin McCarthy

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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said that Kevin McCarthy is a spectator speaker who only cares about his own job and not those of millions of people who would be impacted by a government shutdown.

Swalwell said on MSNBC’s Inside with Jen Psaki:

Kevin McCarthy is a spectator speaker. He may have the title but Donald Trump and Margaret Taylor Green and Matt Gates, they all share the job. And the problem is, is that McCarthy is only worried about his own job and keeping it and not the jobs of your viewers, the millions who will be affected if we don’t pay our troops, if we don’t pay border agents, if we don’t pay air traffic controllers.

And so McCarthy could simply bring forward the same legislation that Senator Schumer and McConnell have worked on in the Senate that President Biden would sign and be an adult and put the country first and we would fund the government before funding ran out. But instead the House Republicans are failures. They are the failures, they failed to govern and because they can’t govern, they’ve failed to fund and because they can’t fund on every core area where we need government, they’re going to fail to protect, they’re the failures.


Rep. Swalwell is correct. Matt Gaetz all but admitted that Trump is giving orders to his MAGA minions in the House. Trump wants a government shutdown because as Jim Jordan mentioned during a different Sunday morning interview, the goal is to defund Jack Smith and stop the criminal cases against the former president.

Kevin McCarthy isn’t in charge, and the minute that he tries to work with Democrats on anything, the MAGAs are going to force a vote on a motion to vacate and bounce McCarthy out of the speakership. The problem is that the MAGA faction has no one to replace McCarthy with, so if they push the motion to vacate, the House could be paralyzed.

Eric Swalwell accurately blistered McCarthy as America is facing a government shutdown because Republicans have failed to govern.

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