Entrepreneur Ryan Johnson Goes from Serving His Country to Serving Businesses with Marketing

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With the boom of social media and influencer outreach, advertising on the internet has become the norm of marketing. Adding his own expertise to this industry is the CEO of the marketing company, RMJ Marketing, Ryan Johnson.

Before his endeavors in the marketing industry, Ryan served in the military for 20 years. It was after that he found his passion extends to marketing. Ryan identified a problem, which was brands and people couldn’t connect to their end clients on the internet, and this was what he wanted to solve with his company.

Ryan has worked to create RMJ Marketing into a company that offers digital marketing solutions while also helping clients to reach their audiences in the most organic ways. With a team of 20 specialists, RMJ Marketing offers a number of services. These include brand design and strategy, social media management, social growth, SEO services, website development, creative work, maid media content as well as lead generation and automation.

All these services make RMJ Management the ultimate digital marketing agency, where clients can have their needs met, under one roof.

When it comes to the website, Ryan has added some useful information, such as RMJ Marketing has so far helped their clients grow from thousands of followers to a million. They apply their world-class social strategies in order to achieve these results. Ryan also understands that every customer and their work is different, this is why they offer marketing plans made just for the client, specifically.

Ryan’s company further customizes each marketing plan that converts leads, engages with customers, and offers skyrocketing success for the client, as stated on their website. Their company says, “Our goal is to get you results and reduce your marketing headaches. If that sounds like something that you would be interested in.”

Team spirit and transparency are important to Ryan as well, and he’s made those values reflected in his work. RMJ Marketing keeps the clients in the loop, and up to date with whatever the update on their work is. RMJ Marketing understands that people can sometimes need a trial run, this is why they even offer a free consultation. Potential clients can get reviews, comments, and strategy overviews in their free consultations.

Ease of use is important to Ryan as well, this is why for anyone looking to go for a free consultation, the links are available on RMJ Marketing’s website. Just fill out a short form and they’ll get back to you with a schedule!

Ryan talks about his past years, and how it’s not easy for military veterans to get going in the normal world. However, Ryan wanted to make his family proud, in the same manner, he’s been making his country proud and this is why he set off on this entrepreneurship project.

Other than leaving a legacy of success, Ryan also wants to expand his work and attract more clients. In the coming future, he wants to attract several high-ticket clients, and bring his company further into the spotlight.

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