Duke Basketball is loaded up for a National Championship run

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College basketball is back in full swing and my favorite basketball team, Duke, is loaded up for a huge run this year. Duke is back! After two short Covid seasons Duke is ready to go this year. Even though these Duke teams weren’t  dominant the last two seasons, Covid ruined any real chance we had to see what these teams could have done. Fast forward to the 2021 season and things are looking a lot different. We found out this will be coach K’s last year as head coach. John Scheyer will be taking over head coach duties the following season.

This Duke team in 2021 is the most dominant team I’ve seen since they had Zion, RJ Barret, and Cam Reddish were on the team in 2019. When you look at this team they have all the following. Duke has great returning veterans, likeJoey Baker and Wendell Moore, who are now upper class men and leaders on this team. They have evolved their game big time already this year. Duke also has two returning sophomores, Mark Williams and Jeremy Roach, who are ready to take the next step and have grown as players and will benefits from staying in college another year. They have the great transfer signing of Theo John who is a monster on the boards and brings a lot of college basketball games and experience to this team.

Lastly, I will keep this as its own paragraph because the freshmen we have this year are so special and they are going to be so key to getting this team where we want to go. Freshmen Travor Keels is a monster tall guard who can get to the paint with ease and can make any shot for himself at anytime. Pablo Banchero is a monster and is going to be the number one pick in next years NBA draft. This kid hasn’t even surfaced his full talent and he already looks like a grown man. He can make any shot he wants on the court. Then we have AJ Griffen, the forgotten freshmen on this team. This kid is a monster in the making and is coming back from a knee strain slowly. When back at full strength this kid going to be a key part of the three big freshmen and this Duke team natty run.

What’s to come for this team is a special, fun, and energy filled year for Duke fans. This team has everything it needs in the formula to make a big run and splash this season. This team will be cutting down the nets come April. Maybe even bringing home natty number 6 for Coach K! Coach K will lead and go out in fairy tale action. Come the following season, Coach K will be retired and will be back open night to see Duke raise banner number 6. John Scheyer will take over and Duke will continue to be the power house we are. The brotherhood baby is a lifestyle and Duke is the answer. Duke is the brand for college students wanting to compete and have a chance a national championship.

Christopher Addorisio: Addorisio 19 on twitter

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