Don Orsillo Should’ve Been a Part of the Jerry Remy Tribute

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The Boston Red Sox honored Jerry Remy on Wednesday afternoon before their game against the Toronto Blue Jays. Jerry Remy passed away on October 30th, 2021. Remy was a Red Sox legend both on and off the field. For years after his playing career, Remy got into broadcasting for the Red Sox. Jerry Remy had an amazing on-air and off-air partnership for years with Don Orsillo. The two were together for 15 seasons before Orsillo left to be a broadcaster for the San Diego Padres in 2016. You’d think after all of that time and how much they were loved by Red Sox nation, the Red Sox organization would have Don Orsillo as a part of the ceremony, right? Wrong! They didn’t. I don’t care what the reasoning was for Orsillo not being involved. It’s wrong and here’s why.

Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy were LOVED by Red Sox Nation

The two gentlemen had quite the times while they broadcasted together. Anyone remember the infamous, “Here Comes the Pizza!” moment? If not, have a good laugh! (Video courtesy of MLB Network) These guys knew how to have fun. When the Red Sox were really bad, they made the watching experience a lot easier on all fans. These guys were an iconic duo in Boston sports history.

Don Orsillo’s Response

I was offered the opportunity to do a video message for my friend and former partner Jerry Remy for tonight’s ceremony at Fenway Park. Sadly, I was notified by Red Sox/NESN that my video would no longer be needed for tonight’s ceremony. Here was my message. @RedSox @NESN

— Don Orsillo (@DonOrsillo) April 21, 2022

So this was Don Orsillo’s response on Twitter when talking about Jerry Remy. It’s a very heartfelt message to his former coworker and friend. The only question I have is this: why couldn’t Orsillo put up the video he made for Remy? The wording is very, very well-written by Orsillo. But I would’ve liked to have heard Orsillo actually say the words on the video.

Shame on the Red Sox Ownership!

So here is the response we got from Sam Kennedy about why Don Orsillo wasn’t involved in the ceremonies.

He doesn’t even answer the question! Can’t say I’m necessarily surprised given how the Red Sox organization is run. It’s a shame that the Red Sox organization is that petty and can’t let Don Orsillo be a part of the ceremonies. Give the Red Sox fans 10-15 seconds to applaud, then everyone can move on. Now? Unwanted publicity! The Red Sox organization should’ve given fans one last Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy moment.

In Conclusion

This really is not the way we want to see this type of situation unfold as Red Sox fans. It sends the wrong message. I don’t care how this went down. It should’ve had Don Orsillo as some part of the ceremony for Jerry Remy. Spare me the hypotheticals. This was flat out wrong by the Red Sox ownership!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: Boston Herald

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