Dallas Cowboys Free Agency 2022

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NFL free agency season is upon us. It started out with a buzz but in the last week or so the transactions have slowed down. One team that has been pretty quiet the Dallas Cowboys. Although the Cowboys have not been making waves they have had a decent free agency overall. This is my opinion to Dallas Cowboys Free Agency 2022.

Dallas Cowboys Losses

LB- Keanu Neal (Signed with Buccaneers, 1 year)

G- Connor Williams (Signed with Dolphins, 2 years) 

WR- Amari Cooper (Trade to Browns)

WR- Cedrick Wilson (Signed with Dolphins, 3 years)

OT- La’el Collins (Signed with Bengals, 3 years)

DE- Randy Gregory: (Signed with Broncos, 5 years)

Randy Gregory's agent details contract breakdown with Cowboys

Gregory is the one I want to talk about as far as losses go. Fans were stunned to find out after multiple reported sources said he was coming back to Dallas that he in fact signed a contract with the Broncos. Not only that but it was the exact same contract Dallas offered. This contract was 5 year, $70 million deal with $28 million guaranteed. So what happened? Rumor has it the Cowboys contract had a clause where Gregory could lose money if suspended, the Broncos contract did not.

“Voiding a guarantee because a guy gets fined is not in any contract with any other team in the league.” When questioned, team said clause in every contract but Dak Prescott’s. When Gregory learned of the language being inserted into the contract, he apparently said, “F—k them.”

— Ed Werder (@WerderEdESPN) March 15, 2022

The pros here Cowboys did not sign a massive contract, the con they lost yet another #94 to the Broncos. But when Demarcus Ware signed with the Broncos it was a lot more expected. Gregory is a DE that can pressure a QB (last season he recorded 17 QB hits), he may not play every game but when he is on the field his presence shows. Easily this is the biggest loss of Dallas Cowboys free agency 2022.

Dallas Cowboys Free Agents Gained

What recently-signed WR James Washington brings to Dallas offense - Blogging The Boys

Dante Fowler's release adds to potential pass rushing market in free agencyCowboys add to special teams, sign Bears FB Ryan Nall

WR-James Washington (1 year deal)

DE- Dante Fowler (1 year deal)

RB- Ryan Nall (1 year deal) 

So far the Dallas Cowboys have singed 3 free agents, 2 offensive and 1 defensive. All 3 of these deals are 1 year essentially prove it deals. Will any stay around long term? Here is my thoughts on the signings.

James Washington former Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver adds a veteran depth to the WR core. With losing both Cooper and Wilson during free agency the Cowboys needed WR depth. Washington could make a case to be the teams WR #3. Last season he was targeted 44 times, he produced 285 yards and 2 TD’s. Although they resigned Noah Brown as well. This is why I think they went the 1 year prove it deal, Lamb and Gallup will be the obvious top two WR’s but after that game on. I also expect Dallas to draft a WR or two in the draft.

Dante Fowler former Atlanta Falcon this signing made the Gregory blow soften. Although he doesn’t produce as many QB hits, he has the ability to sack the QB. Fowler around the right defense could prove to fans that losing Gregory was actually not that bad. Think back to his 2019 campaign with the Rams, Fowler produced career highs. A one year prove it deal could be exactly what he needs to produce another spark.

Ryan Nall former Chicago Bear fans may be asking why did the team sign another RB? Was this position even important? But Nall adds the FB option into the mix, he can be used on special teams. Although I do not know if he will make it through training camp with the depth already there I will be interested to see where this potential could possibly go.

Dallas Cowboys Free Agents Resigned

Sometimes people forget that free agency is not only about losses and gains, it is also about who you can keep on your team. The Dallas Cowboys had A LOT of free agents to consider. In fact there are still some who’s future is uncertain. I will not go into detail on the resigning of players but here is a list of who is resigned.

P- Bryan Anger (3 Year)

DE- Dorance Armstrong (2 Year)

WR- Noah Brown (1 Year) 

WR- Michael Gallup (5 Year) 

S- Malik Hooker (2 Year)

S- Jayron Kearse (2 Year)

LS- Jake McQuaide (1 Year)

TE- Dalton Schultz (Franchise Tag) 

TE- Jeremy Sprinkle (1 Year)

LB- Leighton Vander Esch (1 Year)

DT- Carlos Watkins (1 Year) 

LB- Luke Gifford (1 Year) 

Dallas Cowboys Free Agency 2022 Summary

Although free agency has not finished the draft is at the end of this month. Will there be any more moves from the Cowboys before then? Are they waiting it out to see who they could draft? What exactly are still their needs? In my opinion they need more offensive line threat. With losing Williams and Collins there is a hole in the offense. I am not sure the route the team will go to fulfill this. Personally, I would wait till the draft but only time will tell. Will the inquires help them make it further then last season, or will the roller coaster team to follow continue?

You can keep up with the Dallas Cowboys moves on their free agency tracker. 

Featured Image: insidethestar.com

~Josie Averitt (@JosieAve on Twitter) 

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