Crime Plummets Under Biden After Murder Rate Skyrocketed Under Trump

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A new FBI report found that violent crime has decreased by 15.2% under Biden, but while president, Trump oversaw the largest spike in the murder rate in a century.

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According to the FBI’s quarterly crime statistics report released on Monday, “The Quarterly Uniform Crime Report (Q1), January-March, 2024, provides a preliminary look at crime trends for January through March 2024 compared to January through March 2023. A comparison of data from agencies that voluntarily submitted at least two or more common months of data for January through March 2023 and 2024 indicates reported violent crime decreased by 15.2 percent. Murder decreased by 26.4 percent, rape decreased by 25.7 percent, robbery decreased by 17.8 percent, and aggravated assault decreased by 12.5 percent. Reported property crime also decreased by 15.1 percent.”

Pew Research analyzed two sets of governmental data on murder between 2019 and 2020 and found, “The U.S. murder rate rose 30% between 2019 and 2020 – the largest single-year increase in more than a century, according to data published this month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The findings align with a separate tabulation of the nation’s murder rate published in September by the FBI.”

Republicans and Trump continue to try to campaign on being a party of law and order,  but the numbers show that it has been Biden who has brought crime down and gotten crime under control. The situation under Trump as disguised as chaos, with crime on the rise while the former president continually suggested in his budgets cutting funding to law enforcement. 

It is convicted felon Trump who has been soft on crime, while proclaiming himself to be a “law and order” candidate. The truth about crime is clear. America is safer under Joe Biden.

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