Concert Review: Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift kicked off the first show of her Eras Tour weekend at Gillette Stadium.

Gilette Stadium was absolutely enchanted by Taylor Swift on the first night of her three-show series in “foxy Foxborough,” as the singer nicknamed it. Swift seemed just as ecstatic as her fans, the self-proclaimed “Swifties,” to return to the first-ever stadium she booked in the early days of her career. Much like the rest of her shows during this year’s Eras Tour, the establishment was almost overflowing with adoring crowds, making merchandise lines stretch all around the seventy-thousand-seat venue. Opened by budding pop star and “ABCDEFU” singer GAYLE as well as revered indie folk artist Phoebe Bridgers, Swift’s first concert of the weekend was already mind-blowing.

“22,” “Love Story,” and “Anti-Hero.” By hopping through a plethora of genres and musical tones, Swift invites her fans on a time-traveling journey. All in the same night, she sings amongst velvet-cloaked dancers in a whimsical pine forest and belts “Bad Blood” between scorching flames. The order of the songs set a perfect pace, allowing the crowd to flow comfortably between upbeat chart-toppers and somber, acoustic ballads. 

Swift has made it clear since her debut in 2006 that she knows how to work a crowd. “This place, Gillette Stadium, is the most joyful place on Earth… it’s always special,” the singer claimed at the top of the show. She also took a moment to thank her fans for the unwavering effort they continuously pour into attending her concerts, even dedicating her songs to them. Her setlist was seamlessly sprinkled with tidbits about her songwriting process and interactions with the audience. Swift additionally exudes a stage presence that is simply unmatched, supported by her raw confidence and powerful vocals. 

“Marjorie,” audience members held up their cell phone lights to honor the singer’s late grandmother, knowing that the song was made as a tribute to her. Swift’s eyes glinted with tears as her voice rang through the air, the crowd joining in with every word. Mothers and daughters embraced as they sang along, understanding that with every new creative endeavor, Swift continuously raises the bar. If anything, her night in Foxborough confirms that the Eras Tour will go down in history as one of Swift’s best.

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