Concert Gallery: Frankie Cosmos

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Frankie Cosmos embarked on a brief romp of a New England tour last week, stopping in Burlington, Amherst, and Portsmouth before her final stop at the Crystal Ballroom in Somerville. The band is composed of frontwoman singer-songwriter Greta Kline and her bandmates, who were also joined on stage by opener Katie Von Schleicher.

Kline and her band brought their indie charm to the intimate local venue and played songs from across all five of their albums, including more recent hits like “Abigail” and “Aftershook” from 2022 album “Inner World Peace“. The set also included a vibrant video projection composed of clips and collaged images moving across the screen. Kline told the audience she had made the video sequences with her friends “almost six years ago”, and I feel that even after a few years, the video still captures this idiosyncratic allure of the band’s essence.

05/12/2014 – Crystal Ballroom at Somerville Theater

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