Concert Gallery: Easy Life

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British band easy life performing in Boston

It’s not everyday a British band has a true Red Sox fan amongst them. Though easy life bassist Sam Hewitt’s outfit embraced his visit across the pond—he wore an official Red Sox baseball jersey and cap—lead singer Murray Matravers expressed disappointment in America’s beverage offerings: “Americans don’t know tonic,” he exclaimed after a belch mid-set. It seems Nargannsset’s “burpy beers” were not his drink of choice. In any case, there was something democratic about the band. Between tracks about peanut butter, the mysterious skeletons of our past and their new song “beeswax” each member had a turn at the front of the stage. Drummer Jordan Birtles would find moments to creep to the edge, jumping up a foot in the air to help hype up the crowd, before sprinting back to the kit, and at one point, even the band’s best friend Joe dove out into the audience: a chance to crowdsurf to celebrate his birthday.

4/13/22 – The Sinclair

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