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We are a couple weeks into the college basketball season and we have some teams thinking that they are contenders early on. However it is still the month of November and a lot of things can change by the end of this season. With that being said I have five teams that have jumped out to amazing starts and I want to let you know if you should buy or sell them right now at this moment. Here are the five teams that I will be discussing and telling you if it is time to buy or sell stock for them right now.


Purdue has jumped out to a hot start this year beating teams like UNC and Villanova in the past week. The vibe of this team gives me the same type of vibe that Illinois gave me a season ago. A team that is getting a little bit overhyped and will falter come the tournament. I like the core of this team with senior Trevion Williams being a key piece off the bench for them. This starting five is led by sophomores Jaden Ivey and Zach Edey. Right now they have guys that are producing at the moment. Four guys average over twelve points a game for them (Edey 17.2, Ivey 15.6, Stefanovic 14.8, Williams 12.8).

Can this group keep up this kind of production all season long especially against a tough Big Ten schedule. Michigan is tough even though they are struggling at the moment, Illinois is going to be a tough matchup for them, Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State etc. It won’t be an easy task for Purdue, but I think right now they are a solid team. I don’t buy them long term especially in the tournament.

Sell Purdue’s Stock Now 


Memphis is getting led by their freshman duo of Emoni Bates and Jalen Duran. Duran is averaging fifteen and eleven, while you got Emoni Bates averaging thirteen while shooting 47 percent from the floor and 42 percent from beyond the arc. Memphis’ schedule hasn’t been the toughest so far, but it gets harder so we will see what this team is really made of. However so far I love the dynamic duo of Jalen Duran and Emoni Bates. Bates is one of the most sought after prospects that I have seen in quite some time. He is only 17 and will have to wait another year before entering the NBA Draft, but he is going to be a highly sought after talent that NBA teams will want to build around.

Memphis has to play Alabama and Tennessee in the middle of December right before their conference schedule starts. The AAC is no joke this year and I like Memphis’ odds of contending this season as long as this duo is healthy. Keep an eye on Emoni Bates this season, but don’t take your eyes off of Jalen Duran who will be a top pick in the 2022 NBA Draft.

Buy Low On Memphis Because Their Stock Could Be Quite High In March

St. Bonaventure

St. Bonaventure is led by a three guard senior backcourt of Kyle Lofton, Jaren Holmes and Dominick Welch. They also have two talented seniors in the front court in Jalen Adaway and Osun Osunniyi. This is a group that has grown together and is ready to make a big splash in the NCAA this season. I think this basketball team personally is one of the more talented groups that is in the country at this moment. Their depth is the only thing that really worries me to be honest. There starters play a big chunk of the game and four of them average over 33 minutes per game right now.

If the Bonnies want a big run in the tournament they better get that depth up to speed. This A-10 team is currently ranked sixteenth in the country at this moment. They have a big matchup against UCONN in December that could show how ready this team is. I also like three to four other teams in the A-10 to cause the Bonnies some trouble this year. I think St. Bonaventure will be a great story this year, but I don’t see them as a title contender.

Sell St. Bonaventure Right Now


Arizona has a big win over Michigan under their belt right now and teams need to be careful of them moving forward. The Wildcats are a talented basketball team and now that they don’t have the distraction from their head coach Sean Miller, this team can flourish into the team they were years ago. This Arizona team has the chance to be as good as the teams that had Brandon Ashley, Gabe York, Stanley Johnson on the team. I think Arizona is a great buy low spot at this moment, they easily have a shot at winning the Pac 12.

I need to see what I have been seeing out of guys like Bennedict Mathurin, Christian Koloko and Azuolas Tubelis for the entire year. Buying low on this team right now sounds fantastic to me. I like what Tommy Lloyd is doing with this program and Arizona basketball just might be back.

Buy Low On Arizona Right Now


The Duke Blue Devils are still riding high after their opening night win against Kentucky. Duke has some big matchups coming up against Gonzaga and Ohio State that could shake the landscape for Duke basketball in 2021-2022. Wendell Moore Jr, Paolo Banchero and Trevor Keels are the three names you need to know from this Duke team this year. Banchero has the talent to be a top five pick in this year’s draft. However, we have seen what Coach K has done with guys like Brandon Ingram, Jayson Tatum, Jabari Parker and others towards the end of the season.

Hopefully for Duke fans sake, Coach K doesn’t go out disappointingly in his final season as Duke’s head coach. The ACC will be tough for them don’t get me wrong, but I need to see them perform consistently against the good teams in the country. Right now everybody is buying this team, but for me I am doing the opposite. I am selling only because I think Coach K will choke in a big moment and that is how he unfortunately will end his career at the University of Duke.

Sell Duke Now … So You Don’t Get Really Hurt Come March

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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