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If your happy hour routine has been feeling a little stale lately, let the Vincent’s crew shake things up with their Cocktail Hour Tasting Menu. For the first week of any month, head to Cambridge for a barstool or table and get the special menu for $60 and you’ll get three tasting cocktails (3/4 size) with three accompanying bar nibbles, plus a bonus sip of something off menu. Each month will be a different lineup of drinks, featuring interesting spirits, house-made ingredients and some crafty techniques, and you can either sit back and enjoy the show or pick your bartender’s brain and build your cocktail knowledge. Grab a reservation here between 5:00 and 6:30pm and be sure to specify if you’d like bar or table seating as bar seats are limited. If you have any Qs or food allergies, give the restaurant a call at 617.314.7297, and keep your eyes on their IG for pics of the drinks du jour.

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