Clueless Congressional Republicans Want Trump To Pick Nikki Haley For VP

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Some Republicans in Congress are clamoring for Trump to pick Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, or Marco Rubio for his VP running mate.

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Politico reported:

Donald Trump is getting clear advice from a sizable number of Hill Republicans, even some MAGA loyalists: Pick a running mate who can attract more wary GOP voters on the center-right.

Some of them even want him to consider a rival he’s publicly ruled out, Nikki Haley — who recently revealed she’d be voting for him. And if Haley can’t make an improbable comeback, many Republican lawmakers want to see Trump pick one of two other former opponents with the same outside-of-MAGA allure: Sens. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) or Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

The Republicans argue that people are still voting for Haley, so Trump should choose her. The problem is that about 20% of Republicans are voting for Haley, because they don’t like Trump. Nikki Haley doesn’t have a big fanbase in the Republican Party. Haley is a protest vote. If a turnip was running against Trump, the turnip would get about 20% of the Republican primary vote.

Haley, Scott, or Rubio are not the answer that will make Trump acceptable to the majority of the country. Congressional Republicans have learned less than nothing, which is why they are repeating the same mistakes that they have made for years that could cost them the election in November.

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