Chris Sale set to return next week to the Red Sox

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The Boston Red Sox are struggling mightily against their American League East counterparts. But just when their pitching staff seemed basically depleted, they are getting the jolt they needed. Chris Sale is set to return to the Red Sox early next week to make his 2022 debut, against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Chris Sale will pitch Tuesday — and Cora said there’s a good chance it will be with the Red Sox.

Brayan Bello stays in majors and will pitch Monday at Tampa Bay.

— Chris Cotillo (@ChrisCotillo) July 7, 2022

This is great news to hear if you’re a Red Sox fan and here are some reasons why.

Chris Sale is still the Red Sox ace

Chris Sale is still the ace of the Boston Red Sox. When everyone’s stuff is at their best, Sale’s is on another planet. Listen, I know he hasn’t pitched a lot since 2019. 2020 was the COVID year when he got Tommy John. 2021, he was still recovering from the Tommy John surgery. Then this year, he has an injury before the season starts. But he still is very valuable to the Red Sox. Last season in his nine starts, he had a low 3’s ERA. Pretty good! Sale can still be a viable asset to this pitching staff. Especially when Nathan Eovaldi, Rich Hill, Michael Wacha, and Garrett Whitlock are on the IL for one reason or another. Get Sale back and at least it’s a start to getting your rotation fully healthy.

Chris Sale is a competitor

We’ve all seen the video by now of Sale’s breakdown after a rough start in Worcester. Now, I don’t think it had to get to this level. But I do admire the fact that Sale is a competitor and wants to perfect his craft. Again, he shouldn’t have gotten to that level in my opinion. But we all have bad moments. Bottom line, I’d rather a guy that has the passion and determination of Sale than a guy that couldn’t care less.

In Conclusion

Bottom line is, the Red Sox get one of their starters back. A really good one at that! People say that Sale’s stuff looks way better now than even last season. Hopefully, no more setbacks occur and Chris Sale can go back to dominating Major League hitters. We’ll see what happens!

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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