Burnie and Chris Episode 51

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We know… we just left without warning. However, let’s just forget about it and rejoice to the fact that we’re back! It’s Burnie and Chris episode 51! Tom Brady retired and unretired while we were gone and Chris is happy that the Rangers stayed hot. But, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are not hot to start the season! Also, we give our World Series predictions as well as our dark horse teams to look out for this season! You are not going to want to miss that!

Matt has left the San Jose Sharks fanbase. Does this mean he’s coming home to Boston? Nope! He’s in fact crossing the border to head to Toronto where he has joined the Maple Leafs fanbase! Chris is very unhappy with this decision! We give a very basic recap of what we missed for both Toronto and the Rangers and gave a preview of the last few games of the regular season. Yes, we absolutely agreed that Auston Matthews is the best player in the NHL.

In the NBA we are sorry Ime Udoka! You proved everyone wrong and have helped lead the Celtics to being one of the best teams in the NBA! Marcus Smart is the defensive player of the year and we give our NBA Finals predictions with the playoffs officially being underway! In the NFL, we recap the Patriots and Giants offseasons and give our reactions to just some of the crazy offseason trades that happened. Also, we give our thoughts on the inflation in the wide receiver market and what this means for the young receivers in the league!

Topics in Burnie and Chris Episode 51

  • We’re back… remember us?
  • Red Sox recap
  • Yankees recap
  • World Series prediction
  • Matt says goodbye to San Jose and hello to Toronto
  • Chris recaps the Rangers and is most upset at Matt
  • The Celtics figured it out
  • NBA Finals prediction
  • Patriots offseason review
  • Giants offseason review
  • Reactions to the crazy NFL offseason

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