Burnie and Chris Episode 43

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It’s Burnie and Chris episode 43! We are back after our one week hiatus! The MLB is locked out! We give our thoughts on that and Matt sounds off about Chaim Bloom’s blunders in free agency before the work stoppage happened. Spoiler alert, Matt isn’t the biggest Chaim Bloom fan. Also, as baseball fans, we once again sound off on our displeasure of Rob Manfred. In the NHL, the San Jose Sharks are at it again with getting the fans’ hopes up. The Rangers continue their dominance in the NHL and the Boston Bruins are consistent at being inconsistent.

The Villanova Wildcats are not as good as Duke so far but that isn’t stopping them from being a top ten team. We give our review on the season so far for both the Villanova Wildcats and Duke Blue Devils! In the NBA, the Boston Celtics have officially began the gauntlet of December. So far they are 1-1. No complaints yet! We give some well earned praise to one of the offseason additions for the Celtics as well! The Memphis Grizzlies also made NBA history as they beat the Oklahoma City Thunder by 73 points!

Championship weekend did not disappoint! Alabama, Michigan, Georgia and Cincinnati are this year’s participant’s in the College Football Playoff! In the NFL we preview the Monday night showdown between the Patriots and Bills. The Giants unsurprisingly lost again, and Lions finally won a game! That’s right, Lions who are a tough playing team finally won! We also give our thoughts on who we think could sneak into the playoffs. The teams that we think will surprise you, especially Matt’s hot take at the end. Of course, we also review the scoreboard of week 13 in the NFL!

Topics in Burnie and Chris episode 43

  • MLB Lockout
  • Chaim Bloom gives Matt headaches
  • San Jose Sharks update
  • New York Rangers update
  • Boston Bruins update
  • Villanova Wildcats update
  • Duke Blue Devils update
  • Boston Celtics have begun the gauntlet
  • NBA History
  • Championship weekend in college football
  • Patriots vs Bills preview
  • Giants lose
  • Lions win
  • Who’s going to sneak into the playoffs
  • Week 13 review

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