Burnie and Chris Episode 42

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It’s Burnie and Chris episode 42! It’s time to award the best of the best in the MLB! We give our thoughts on the AL and NL MVP winners and the Cy Young winners as well! Chris says goodbye to not one, not two but three players that used to be on the Yankees. Bring out the tissues because it get’s emotional real quick! In the NHL the San Jose Sharks are back… to what they’re expected to be. Not good. The New York Rangers though, are very good at hockey. Then there’s also the Boston Bruins, who after having ten years off, are finally back to playing hockey!

In college basketball, Villanova is a hard team to figure out. They’ve had some easy wins and some tough losses through six games this year. As for Duke, they look good which makes Chris happy. The Boston Celtics have figured it out, we think. They’re winning games they should win, and are competitive in each game. Shoutout to Dennis Schroder for being a great addition to the team so far! Also, LeBron James vs Isaiah Stewart almost turned into Malice at the Palace part two! We give our thoughts on what went down.

Auburn makes Matt sad once again. Very sad actually. Ohio State steamrolls Michigan State and we predict how the playoff committee will disrespect Cincinnati again. In the NFL, the Patriots dominate the Falcons in a 25-0 victory. Just for the record, the Falcons once blew a 25 point lead against the Patriots, good times! Chris gives a preview of the Giants matchup with the Bucs. Jonathan Taylor decimated the Bills defense and more crazy things happened in week 11 of the NFL season.

Topics in Burnie and Chris episode 42

  • It’s award season in the MLB
  • Chris says goodbye to three former Yankees players
  • San Jose Sharks update
  • New York Rangers update
  • Boston Bruins update
  • Villanova update
  • Duke update
  • Celtics figured it out
  • LeBron vs Stewart
  • Auburn continues to disappoint
  • Ohio State in beast mode
  • The college football committee will screw over Cincinnati again
  • Patriots beat the Falcons
  • Giants-Bucs preview
  • Jonathan Taylor has a big day
  • Week 11 scoreboard

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