Burnie and Chris Episode 41

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It’s Burnie and Chris episode 41! Right before the episode got rolling it was announced that Eduardo Rodriguez found a new home. Rodriguez is Detroit bound on a five year deal. We give our thoughts on it and Matt says good bye to E-Rod. In the NHL the San Jose Sharks are playing with Matt’s emotions. They look great for one game, and then lose the next few. As for the New York Rangers, they’ve been great. Chris breaks down their Sunday night game against the Devils and sounds off against the NHL player safety department. Spoiler alert, they most likely won’t do their job again. The Boston Bruins once again get screwed over by whoever made the schedule this year. Seriously, whoever made this needs to find a new job.

College basketball season is officially underway! Matt breaks down how Villanova looks so far and Chris break down how Duke is looking so far. To give a preview: so far so good. In the NBA the Celtics look great… except for the part where they lose a very winnable game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In fact, the Celtics had the lead and blew it. Hopefully this team goes on a massive winning streak soon. We also break down the Jokic vs Morris incident.

In college football, Auburn blows a lead to Mississippi State and it was costly… for Chris. Chris lost money and Matt just isn’t surprised anymore. We also scream and shout about the college football playoff rankings. In the NFL, the Patriots dominate the Browns. Cam Newton is back with the Panthers and one of us is excited about it! Odell also found a new home and as usual we break down Sunday’s action in the NFL.

Topics in Burnie and Chris Episode 41

  • So long E-Rod
  • San Jose Sharks update
  • New York Rangers update
  • Boston Bruins update
  • Villanova update
  • Duke update
  • Celtics still meh
  • Jokic vs Morris incident
  • Auburn hates us
  • The college football playoff committee still stinks
  • Patriots dominate Browns
  • Cam Newton is back!
  • Odell finds a team
  • Week ten breakdown

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