Bruce Arians Retired From Coaching

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Last night, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians retired from coaching. Instead of leaving the Bucs altogether, he’s moving to a front office role within the organization. Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has been promoted and will be taking over head coaching duties.

Arians transitioned to head coach in 2012 following Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano Leukemia diagnosis. The following season, Arians agreed to a 4-year coaching deal with the Arizona Cardinals. Since becoming a full-time head coach, he has a record of 80-48-1, 6-3-0 in the postseason. In his 8 year head coaching career, Arians-led teams have been playoff-bound 4 times. Once going all the way and winning the Super Bowl. Arian’s success as a head coach improved drastically with the addition of, arguably, the greatest of all time, Tom Brady. The Bucs have gone 24-9-0 since the 2020 NFL season, making the playoffs both years.

Brady’s Reaction

Tom Brady was quick to post his congratulations to his now-former head coach. But was it really a surprise to Brady? His caption on Instagram is a little too prefect for my taste on a surprising departure. It seems as if it were saved in the Notes App for at least a few days.

Was It Brady’s Impact?

While Brady’s Instagram post seems sincere on the outside, was Arians retirement actually set in motion by Brady? I think that’s a fair question to ask given their seemingly tumultuous relationship. According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the team insists that Arians retirement had nothing to do with Brady’s decision to unretire.

#Bucs QB Tom Brady was informed Bruce Arians planned to step down and Todd Bowles would succeed him as head coach either the same day or a day after the QB announced he was ending his retirement, the @TB_Times has learned. Team insists it was not related to Brady’s decision.

— Rick Stroud (@NFLSTROUD) March 31, 2022

Todd Bowles is named head coach. All insist it had NOTHING to do with Arians’ health or any rift between the head coach and Brady. He’s merely setting up his longtime assistant for success, SB run and PFHOF be damned.

Arians takes undefined front office job.

— Rick Stroud (@NFLSTROUD) March 31, 2022

The more the team and Arians insist, the less I believe there wasn’t a rift between head coach and quarterback. He was quoted today saying via NBC Sports, “Tom was very in favor of what I’m doing. I mean, I had conflicts with every player I coached because I cussed them all out, including him. Great relationship off the field.” However, off the field, Arians threw Brady under the bus in numerous post-game pressers. The pair were also notably on opposite sides when it came to wide receiver Antonio Brown.

-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)

Featured Image: Mark Lomoglio/Associated Press

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