Breaking News: The Hill Tavern is Closing

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Breaking News: The Hill Tavern is Closing

For those who live in Boston’s Beacon Hill will be surprise to find out a 25 year institution is closing up. Apparently, the word on the street is that the Hill Tavern is closing its doors.

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Beacon Hill

The building where the Hill Tavern is located is being sold. Due to the fact that the Hill Tavern doesn’t have a lease, the bar/restaurant will be closing sooner rather than later.

Who’s buying The Hill Tavern building?

My understanding is that MGH is purchasing the building, their intensions is to tear it down and build a new structure. Of course, several approvals will need to take place for this to happen, but given the strength of MGH pocketbook, I don’t see many hurdles for them.

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Beacon Hill

Is the Hill Tavern website up for sale?

Yes, if you want to buy the domain name https: it’s up for auction on

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Beacon Hill

Will we get more Hill Tavern updates?

Yes, I’ll update this post when I learn more information. Please email me if you hear of any updates at

On another note, the old Beacon Hill Pub on Charles Street will be opening under new ownership with a name change before the end of the year, if construction continues to go on schedule.

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