Brad Stevens deserves praise for the Celtics season

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This season for the Celtics has no doubt been a roller coaster. I for one thought it was going to be the same as last season. maybe a little bit better. Sure, they had some new exciting players in the system and a new head coach in Ime Udoka in the fold. They started off pretty mediocre to say the least. But then, there was a switch that was flipped and they earned the number two seed in the Eastern Conference. The guy in charge of all of these moves is Brad Stevens. Stevens took the reigns as the GM this season after Danny Ainge stepped down. Now? He deserves a lot of praise from the entire NBA. Let’s give the reasons for why Brad Stevens deserves praise for the Celtics season.

Brad Stevens pulled off the trade for the Celtics to reacquire Al Horford

We all know how great it has been to have Al Horford back on the Celtics. Remember, Brad Stevens traded away Kemba Walker’s large contract in exchange for Al Horford. What a great trade that was looking back on it now! Kemba has had his difficulties with his knee, playing for the Knicks. Al Horford looks like he found the fountain of youth. His game four performance against Milwaukee single handedly saved the season at that point in the series. Horford has been great all season for this Celtics team and that was a great move by Brad.

Shedding bad contracts

The Celtics had some other bad contracts and players on the books. They traded away Josh Richardson and Romeo Langford for Derrick White, who has been a solid addition to the Celtics bench. They also got rid of Dennis Schroder and Enes Freedom along the way. Brad got some bad contracts and players off the books to bring in guys that fit Ime Udoka’s system. It also gave Payton Pritchard the minutes he deserved off the bench that he wasn’t getting early on in the season. So credit to Brad for being smart enough to get rid of bad contracts to create more cap space for the future.

In Conclusion

Brad Stevens did a great job this year. It was good enough to earn 6th place in the Executive of the Year award voting. The future is bright if Brad Stevens keeps driving the ship from the GM point of view. What big move will he pull off next?

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: SBNation

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