Boston’s downtown real estate rents are rising. Should I buy this year?

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Boston’s downtown real estate rents are rising. Should I buy this year?

With Boston apartment rents on the rise, should you buy a Boston condo for sale in 2022? If you’re on the fence watch this real estate video below for PBS

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All over the country, but certainly, in downtown Boston, renters should be thinking….rents Are rising should I buy this year?

But first, you have to look at why you may be renting a Beacon Hill condo or Midtown condo in the first place. 

There can be any number of reasons a person chooses to rent vs. owning their own piece of Boston downtown real estate:

  • Freedom to transfer to another city quickly for job opportunities
  • Someone else pays the real estate taxes (and gets the deduction)
  • Credit issues or debt issues
  • Living in a brand new apartment in the Seaport District
  • Lack of saved money for a down payment  — and misinformation about how much that is

That is just some of the reasons that I’ve heard in the past. But every year, you “roll the dice” as to how much your rent may go up. Maybe that increase keeps you from saving for that down payment? 

 Boston downtown real estate apartment rents are rising 

But when you purchase and own your Boston Seaport condo or Beacon Hill condominium, you obtain many benefits that you may not have thought of.

When you purchase a Boston condo for sale you write that mortgage payment you are working towards paying off your mortgage and building home equity. Not to mention, you get the tax deductions of the cost of purchasing the Beacon Hill home (your first year) as well as the property taxes you pay. 

So today, let’s address head-on what are some of your reasons for not buying a Boston downtown condo for sale.

Freedom to transfer to another city quickly for Job Opportunities

Ok, there is truth to that, but also in the current (2019) market with limited inventory, you may be able to sell your home quicker than you might think. There may be the possibility of renting your Beacon Hill condominium in case you think you may move back, or if it does not sell in a time frame you have established for yourself. 

Someone Else Pays the Boston downtown real estate taxes 

Yes, when you own a Boston Seaport condo, there are property taxes. But you can usually deduct those when you file your income taxes.  Also, the interest you pay on your mortgage is tax-deductible! 

Credit or Debt Issues

This can be a bit more tricky. But it’s not to say you can’t buy a Boston Charles River Park condo. Credit can be restored (overtime) if you’ve had some tough times in the past. And when you get to a certain point, you can purchase, there just may be added costs like a higher interest rate. Debt issues can sometimes be easily fixed by just paying down, or off one credit account.

Living in a brand new Boston Seaport apartment

Depending on where you want to live in downtown Boston, this might be a real option. In recent years, and in the current market, there are new Boston luxury high-rise apartments being built on almost every corner, especially in the Boston Seaport District. Now, what that monthly rent is…that’s the other story. So you may be living in an older apartment that has not had any recent renovations. But when you purchase a Beacon Hill home or condo, you may find one that has recently had a major renovation or at least have things like all new appliances. Much of this will depend on where you are looking to live, what you can afford, and what is on the market!

Lack of saved money for a down payment on a Boston downtown condo

One of the biggest misconceptions for Boston downtown condo buyers, be you a first-time buyer, or buying your second or third home is the amount of money needed for a down payment. It is not 20% as many people think. Again, your situation will vary based on your credit and your debt to income ratio….but there are loan programs with as little as 3% down payment. By going through the application process, they can see what loan programs are available to you! 

Let’s get you started on the path to buying a piece of Boston downtown real estate and begin building your personal wealth.

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