Booms and Busts: Patriots 2021 free agency class edition

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The New England Patriots find themselves 6-4 after the first 10 weeks of the NFL season. This is a far better season so far than we saw all of 2020. We know the Patriots spent a lot of money on their 2021 free agency class to get to this point. So with 10 games under their belts, who are some booms and busts for the Patriots 2021 free agency class so far this season? Let’s take a more in depth look at it!

Boom: Matthew Judon

Matthew Judon has no doubt been the best free agency signing for the Patriots in the 2021 free agency class. Judon has 9.5 sacks in 10 games so far, which is top five in the NFL currently. The way Judon is playing, he could very realistically garner an All-Pro nomination this year. Judon is a guy that has significantly increased the Patriots pass rush. Look for Judon to continue to perform at an All-Pro level for the rest of the 2021 season.

Bust: Jalen Mills

Jalen Mills has been an absolute bust for the Patriots 2021 free agency class. Mills just looks absolutely lost in coverage whenever he’s on defense. He should NOT be a number two corner on this Patriots team. He makes too many mistakes in coverage. For a team that prides itself on defense, Jalen Mills has significantly underachieved so far in the 2021 season.

Boom: Hunter Henry

Even after being out for a few weeks at the beginning of the season, Hunter Henry has made himself one of Mac Jones favorite targets. He has seven touchdowns in his last seven games played. The man has been remade here in New England after some tough, injury-ridden seasons with the Chargers. Give Bill Belichick credit, he hit it big on Hunter Henry this past off-season.

Bust: Jonnu Smith

Jonnu Smith on the other hand has not been good at all this season. He has one touchdown reception and missed Sunday’s game against the Browns with a shoulder injury that has nagged him the whole season. We haven’t seen the after catch speed that everyone bragged about when Smith was with the Titans. Hopefully, Smith turns it around. But right now, Jonnu Smith is looking like a HUGE bust for the Patriots 2021 free agency class.

Boom: Kendrick Bourne

The beginning of the season was tough for Kendrick Bourne. But since the Cowboys game in week 6, he has really turned a corner. Bourne has become another dependable receiver for Mac Jones. He is being used in different ways, whether it be in the slot or in end-arounds. Bourne has three touchdown receptions on the season and has been a great presence in the Patriots locker room.

In Conclusion

The Patriots spent a LOT of money in free agency and it has worked out in several cases. Of course, not every player is going to hit it big in their first season with a new team. Who is somebody else you like in their first season with the Patriots? Somebody you don’t like? Feel free to comment on your opinions at my twitter or at the Couch Guy Sports twitter, @CouchGuySports.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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