Biden Says Convicted Felon Trump Has Snapped And Is Unhinged

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President Biden said that Trump has snapped and the unhinged ex-president is only concerned with protecting his freedom after being convicted of a felony.

The President said, according to the White House pool report, while speaking at a fundraiser:

You know, he snapped when he lost. I mean this sincerely. He can’t accept he lost. It’s literally driving him crazy. That’s why when January 6 happened — and now he’s running again. He’s not only obsessed with losing in 2020 he’s currently a little bit unhinged right now. I’m being serious. Just listen to him.

He says he wants to — he wants to quote be a dictator on day one. He says he wants to, and these are his words, terminate the Constitution. He calls convicted insurrectionists who are in prison patriots. He says if he were elected he would pardon every one of them. Trump says if he loses again in November, these are his words, there will be a bloodbath. His phrase. There will be a bloodbath.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has made it clear he’s running to exact revenge. And now, after his criminal conviction, he’s clear he’s worried about preserving his freedom.

Biden isn’t holding back, and he was also correct. Trump has been more unhinged. The ex-president is claiming that the current president is going to show up at the first presidential debate high on cocaine. Joe Biden is 81 years old. He is not going to be doing coke before a presidential debate.

President Biden hit the nail on the head when he said that since his criminal conviction, Donald Trump is only interested in preserving his freedom. This reality makes Trump especially dangerous, because he will do anything to get back into the White House.

Biden isn’t holding back on Trump. The President isn’t playing the nice guy. Joe Biden seems to understand what is at stake in this election, and he is bluntly laying it out for all to see.

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