Beacon Hill apartments and moving day

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Beacon Hill apartments and moving day

I can always tell when we get close to the end of summer, or better yet, September 1st, because there is more furniture and mattresses piled up on Beacon Hill streets and U-Haul trucks invade downtown Boston. There are piles of stuff on Charles Street behind the assorted Beacon Hill apartment buildings.

In some cases, the people who are moving back to their parents home. In other cases, it costs more and takes more time to move the furniture than it does to toss it out onto the street.

Some of the people who are moving are moving voluntarily and others are not not.

Much of what is getting thrown out isn’t usable but some of it appears to be new. Items could be donated to various charities or given away to neighbors but that takes time and effort.

This weekend will be a big one for moving in Boston’s Beacon Hill. Have fun.

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Beacon Hill apartments

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