Baseball Is back! MLB Ends Lockout

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Oh, what a time to be alive and to be reporting good news for once.

We got some major breaking news to share with you…

Breaking News – Baseball is back!

BREAKING: Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have reached a tentative agreement on a new labor deal, sources tell ESPN. While it still needs to be ratified by both parties, that is expected to be a formality, and when it is:

Baseball is back.

— Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) March 10, 2022

It has been since December 2nd that the MLB has been on lockout. Following the expiration of the CBA and the imposition of an owner-induced lockout, negotiations since December 2nd made Baseball fans, players and many worry about the potential of Baseball being cancelled for the 2022 MLB Season.

The 99-day lockout, which is the second-longest lockout in the game’s history comes to a conclusion as the MLB and MLBPA reach a tentative agreement salvaging a 162-game season. Jeff Passan from ESPN first reported the news.

What The Agreement Includes…

The basics of the agreement entail all aspects of the game. One of the concerns that was front and center at all times during negotiations were baseball’s core economics especially at a time following a pandemic and current global economic crisis.

One of the other main parts of the agreement bring an increase in minimum salaries to players with less than three years of MLB services. The salaries would jump from $570,500 to $700,000 growing to about $780,000 with a bonus pool worth $50 Million which will be distributed among younger players who have yet to reach a salary arbitration.

Per ESPN, here are some additional elements included in the deal:

  • A 45-day window for MLB to implement rule changes. Some of the rules being change includes a pitch clock, ban on shifts and larger bases in the 2023 season.
  • The NL adopting a designated hitter.
  • A draft lottery implemented with the intent of discouraging tanking.
  • Draft-pick inducement

and much more.

The good thing is, baseball has managed to avoid a massive crisis especially at a time where the game is still searching for what their future would look like in a sporting world that continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

Expect a Free-Agency Frenzy!

Now comes another exciting time and part of the game. A massive free-agency window that brings names such as Carlos Correa, Clayton Kershaw, Freddie Freeman (who has reportedly received an offer from Tampa Bay), Trevor Story and many others.

While we won’t be getting the March 31st Opening Day ceremonies going, we can at least breathe knowing that this agreement brings at least another five years of labor peace and helps us all move on from the ugliness we saw during this winter’s negotiation period.

At last, baseball is back and for fans, time to buy them tickets! Alexa, cue Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

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