Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse brings a bit of sweetness to all the excitement around the Barbie movie, which opens in theaters on Friday, July 21st. Inspired by the iconic doll, Pastry Chef Mariah Beckett has added a delectable (and, of course, pink!) confection to the dessert menu at the Chestnut Hill location (which just so happens to be right by the Showcase SuperLux) so you can enjoy an extra treat before or after the show (or pretty much whenever you see fit – it’ll be available throughout the entire month of July). Priced at $15, the Barbie dessert features layers of white chocolate vanilla bean mousse and strawberry cheesecake mousse, crowned with a strawberry blondie, a strawberry white chocolate macaron and fresh strawberries. Don’t miss your chance to try it; book a reservation online here before the end of the month.

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