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Earlier in the day, Apple released their first Keynote presentation of the year with exciting releases! This is five months since their last Apple event which was in October of last year. The releases range from the introduction of an improved iPhone SE and the Mac Studio/ Display. The iPhone SE, iPad Air, and Mac Studio are going to be released on March 18, 2022. If you’re interested in watching the hour-long keynote yourself, check out the video I found on Apple’s YouTube channel. More tech specs can also be found on

iPhone SE (3rd gen)

First, I’ll start off with the product that I am most excited about: the iPhone SE (3rd gen). An older version of the device was last released back in October 2020 and shared a design with the iPhone 8. However, the redesign includes some awesome upgrades to it’s hardware. For starters, the 2022 version has more durable glass and 5G connectivity! It also has the most powerful chip of the bunch- the A15 Bionic chip. According to Apple, this chip is much more powerful than its competitors (A13 in the older iPhone SE). It’s cute and compact size has remained the same between the two.

The battery has only slightly improved, but the price is budget friendly! The older iPhone SE markets anywhere between $200 and $500 depending on phone carriers and stores. According to, the new iPhone SE is available for pre-order via their website with storage options of up to 256GB and various financing options (if eligible). The minimum storage option (64GB) is currently priced at $429.00 plus tax.

Mac Studio +

Apple also announced a monster of a desktop called the Mac Studio which consists of an M1 Ultra chipset. Many sources I read up on described it as a being a Mac Mini on steroids. The desktop is cube-shaped and is measured at just 3.7 inches tall by 8 inches wide. This is great for saving space of desk-tops! I was most excited by the fact that it contains two USB-C ports, an SD slot, four thunderbolt ports, two USB-A slots, an HDMI port, and headphone jack on the back! That’s a lot of ports! According to Apple, it is 80% faster than their fastest Mac graphics card.

iPad Air (5th gen)

I have to say, I was super excited to hear about the improvements being made to the iPad Air. It will include the M1 chip, instead of the a15, and will support 5G connectivity. This is perfect for artists that use the ProCreate app for heavy-duty projects! The front facing camera now has 12MP (ultra wide) with centerstage. Comparatively, it seems to have other specifications that have remained consistent since the last iPad Air. Across social media, some have compared it to being a “Lite” version of the iPad Pro but, of course, more cost efficient.

iPad Air (2022)

-M1 (same as 2021 iPad Pro, and… other stuff)

-“2x faster than best-selling Windows laptop in price range” okok

-12MP ultrawide camera


-2x faster USB-C port?

-looks like essentially same physical design as 2020 Air

-starts at $599

— TechLinked (@TechLinkedYT) March 8, 2022

Some other cool announcements

There were some other attention-grabbing announcements made in this Keynote. For our sports fans, Apple is releasing Friday Night Baseball (soon) on Apple TV+. They are also adding some Apple Original films to the streaming service as well. For those who love color customization, the iPhone 13 (and mini) have a new color option of dark green. Also, the iPhone 13 Pro (and Pro Max) will include the color option of “Alpine Green” which is (for visualization) lighter than the dark green. To conclude, I look forward to seeing what Apple comes up with for the remainder of the year.

-Allison B. (@funbungirll on twitter)

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